Okariki Okaru

Okariki Okaru


Serial Name:  Okariki Okaru

Channel:         Etv

Starring:         Radhika, Chaitra, Ram Mohan


The plot of the story is about an grateful orphan girl who dreams of becoming an interior designer, despite of her money crisis and lack of education. One incident made change her fate. The accident before the main story starts made her to lose her eyes. Different events opens her door when she meets the Raghavayya’s family. The stories then intertwine when Madura meets the Raghavayya’s extended family and Abhinav the son of a big interior design company, Dream Home in Hyderabad, who also loves Netra from childhood and they were good friends too. From here the story passes through lot of twists and turns. How Madura replaces Netra and how she succeeded in her life is the main conflict of the story. To know more about further episodes & previous episodes of Okariki Okaru telugu daily serial, you can  watch online on Serials Tube with HD quality.

Watch the latest Episode of  Okariki Okaru Telugu Daily Serial E136 – 14th Oct 2017

Today’s Episode 136 – 14th Oct 2017

E136 – Part1 : Part2 – 14th Oct

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