Manasu Mamatha



Serial Name:  Manasu Mamatha

Channel:         Etv

Starring:         Anil, Hema Sri, Vikas



The drama “MANASU MAMATHA” is between the two close friends and their families going through economical status. One friend is Industrialist and other is the car driver of industrialist. The wife of car driver gives birth to two girls but the wife of millionaire losses the baby. The car driver gives one child to his friend  and discloses the secret between them.

When these girls are growing up having different  psychologies and  having vast economic differences. One being a daughter of millionaire and another being a daughter of a driver. What kind of problems came into existence? What are the feelings of fathers? When they will came to know that they are sisters? To know all the latest and previous episodes of this complete family drama telecasted on ETV watch online on Serials Tube with HD quality.

Watch the latest Episode of  Manasu Mamatha Telugu Daily Serial E2099 – 14th Oct 2017

Today’s Episode 2099 – 14th Oct 2017

E2099 – Part1 : Part2 – 14th Oct

Previous Episodes

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E2090 – Full Episode – 4th Oct
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E2086 – Full Episode – 29th Sep
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E2084 – Full Episode – 27th Sep
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E2073 – Full Episode– 14th Sep
E2072 – Full Episode – 13th Sep
E2070 – Full Episode -11th Sep
E2069 – Full Episode– 9th Sep
E2071 – Full Episode– 12th Sep
E2068 – Full Episode – 8th Sep
E2067 – Full Episode – 7th Sep
E2066 – Full Episode – 6th Sep
E2065 – Full Episode -5th Sep
E2064 – Full Episode – 4th Sep
E2063 – Full Episode – 2nd Sep
E2062 – Full Episode – 1st Sep
E2061 – Full Episode – 31st Aug
E2060 – Full Episode – 30thAug
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E2058 –Full Episode – 28th Aug
E2057 – Full Episode – 26th Aug
E2056 – Full Episode – 25th Aug
E2055 –Full Episode – 24thAug
E2054 – Full Episode – 23rd Aug

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