Attharinitiki Daredhi

Attharinitiki Daredhi


Serial Name:  Attharinitiki Daredhi

Channel:         Etv

Starring:         Pallavi, Nirupam


The story revolves around Krishnaveni, who is a humble girl with good habits and manners. She is brought up by her maternal uncle named Krishna Babu. Krishna Babu has a daughter, she and Krishnaveni grow up like own sisters. Krishna Babu faces financial crisis. Krishnaveni wishing to help her uncle’s out of his financial crisis, finds a job as tuition teacher. At that time, the mother of a mentally challenged young man tells her that if she marries her son, she would help Krishna Babu uncle by giving the money to him to overcome his crisis. Krishnaveni agrees to that and marries the mentally challenged man. But her uncle was very much against it and eventually, Krishnaveni finds herself stranded between her uncle and her in-laws. The rest of the story is about how she tries and get reconciled to the circumstances and the way she deals her life can be watched online only on Serials Tube all the previous & latest episodes with HD quality.

Watch the latest Episode of  Attharinitiki Daredhi Telugu Daily Serial E917 – 14th Oct 2017

Today’s Episode 917 – 14th Oct 2017

E917 – Part1 : Part2 – 14th Oct

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